Happy Birthday, Questionable Tortoise Couture!

What happens when you cross a sarcastic teenage girl and a hot August afternoon?You get a blog, of course! Hello, world! 👩🏻‍💻Welcome to August 10th - which is now officially known as the birthday of the beautiful corner of the web we call Questionable Tortoise Couture. It's so very hard to believe that I've been… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Questionable Tortoise Couture!

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A Passion For Blogging: How I Express Myself Through The Web

Blogging is no easy task. There's planning, proofreading, more planning, more proofreading, writing emails, plan collabs, design graphics, post on social media, write posts, publish posts, reply to comments. Yikes. Sounds like a lot, right? But it's so worth it. I've been thinking: What would occupy the time I spend blogging if I didn't blog?If… Continue reading A Passion For Blogging: How I Express Myself Through The Web

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Interview W/ Gianna @ Gianna and Gemini

Hello, world! Happy Saturday! YASSS WE MADE IT THROUGH DA WEEEEK! I've had the chance to interview the SPLENDID Gianna from the beautiful blog, Gianna and Gemini!! Whoop! If you're not following Gianna's blog, you must be a mentally ill person. Kidding. I'm kidding... Honestly. Gianna is a beautiful blogger with an even more beautiful… Continue reading Interview W/ Gianna @ Gianna and Gemini