if we were having coffee

If We Were Having Coffee

Hello, world! Happy Thursday! ❤️ Today I'd like to try something different. I've seen many bloggers do this before. Almost as if you were here with me.Basically, we're going to imagine we're having a coffee date. Let's begin, shall we? If we were having coffee... We'd obviously be at Starbucks. I mean, c'mon! It's Starbucks!… Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee

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A rather comical interview w/ my sister

Hello, world!! How ya doing? Today I will be sharing a recent interview I did with my little sister, Bella. Let's do this! A rather comical interview w/ my sister I'm in bold Bella is in italics Hi, Bella! I'm so excited to interview you! Are you excited? Yes! I'm very excited! Alrighty then! Here's… Continue reading A rather comical interview w/ my sister