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Summer 2018 Recap + County Fair Photography

Hello, world! Welcome to what I prefer to call the end of summer 2018. *cries*This year is flying by so quickly, and I cannot believe that next month my dad will be old and we will purchase a turkey for Thanksgiving. Yikes. (Sorry, daddio. You're not old...yet) I did a lot of fun things this… Continue reading Summer 2018 Recap + County Fair Photography


Forgotten WDW Photography

Hello, world! I hope you're having a wonderful day/night!My long-time followers may remember my trip to Walt Disney World back when I began blogging. So, late August/early September time-frame. Anyway... I made a few not so great posts that included some crappy pictures of It's a small world and such. I've recently been scouring my… Continue reading Forgotten WDW Photography

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Interview w/ Allison @ A Farm Girl’s Life

Hello, world! I've had the chance to interview Allison from her LOVELY blog, A Farm Girl's Life. 🌻 If you haven't stopped by Allison's blog, please click that link to be transported to her glorious corner of the internet. 😀 Alrighty! Let's get started with this interview... My questions are in large font, and Allison's… Continue reading Interview w/ Allison @ A Farm Girl’s Life