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Le Tour Of My Favorite Books

Hello, internet world! How's life? 👩🏻‍💻 HARPs round two has officially begun! Yay! For the second round of Starling's HARPs (Happy And Random Posts contest), I have to take you on a tour. 😉 A tour of what?A tour of my favorite books of course! What better kind of tour is there? (Click HERE to… Continue reading Le Tour Of My Favorite Books

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Thoughts On Happiness

Hello, my padawan pals! It is I, Jedi master Bekah! 👩🏻‍💻💜The wondrous Starling is hosting the HARPS (Happy And Random Post)! She graciously put me on the EXTRAORDINARY bumblebee team! How awesome is dat? 💁🏻 Anyhoooooo... the first HARPS post topic I have to write about is... happiness. What in the world is HAPPINESS?!Well, happiness… Continue reading Thoughts On Happiness