About Me & The Blog

Hello, world!

I’m Rebekah, the fifteen-year-old writer and creator of Questionable Tortoise Couture.

Questionable Tortoise Couture is just as unique as it sounds. It’s a blog about everything that interests me.

I love collaborating with brands, interviewing interesting folks, and writing about many random topics.

Besides blogging, I have many other hobbies. Here are a few:

• I love ballet dancing, and I plan to study it in college.

• I am an avid movie-goer! My favorite genre is sci-fi. *cough* Star Wars *cough*

• I am a total bookworm. I will read every. single. book I can get my hands on.

And now you know a bit more about me! 😃

I hope that my blog posts always put a smile on your face. That’s my main goal. 🙂

I encourage you to stick around – I’d love for you to be a part of the QTC fam!

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