Why You Should Be Blogging Through This Pandemic

The world is ending, which means you should do what every normal human being does and document it. Of course, I’m kidding. The world isn’t ending, and I quite honestly could get in trouble for saying that.

Although we feel the apocalypse is upon us, I must inform you that it is not. Things are getting better every day, I promise.

You may be wondering why I promise you the same thing every post. Maybe you don’t feel the same way I do about current events, and that’s fine. My goal is to help convince you to choose the positive outlook, because it’s the truth.

Why blog through this pandemic?

There are many reasons why you should be blogging in the midst of corona. Allow me to list the reasons why:

• It’s a distraction. This is ultimately the first reason that comes to mind because I have had SO many people ask me how they can distract themselves from current world events. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, blogging is helpful when you want to take your mind off of things.

• You meet new people. Oh, what would I do without my internet friends? I have met some of the most talented, beautiful, and all-around extraordinary women through my blog, and I’m thankful for each one of them. 💓

• One day you’ll look back on this time and wish you had enjoyed it more, so why not document it? Photo diary blogs as well as poetry blogs have had a spike in popularity recently, and I think it’s quite obvious why. People like to share their take on things in order to cope with the everyday rigors and challenges of being at home, and there’s no better way to do that than with a creative outlet.

• Writing is very therapeutic. Oftentimes, we tend to let the things we fear most roll around in our brains until the feeling of the unknown is too much to bear. I think that it helps to write out our fears, worries, and thoughts so that they feel a lot less scary.

• Seeing other bloggers and readers experiencing the same loneliness, sadness, and anger allows you to see that you are not alone, but in fact united. This is a time to lift others up, not weigh them down.

• You’ll feel proud. When you look back on this time many years from now, you’ll remember spending your time at home by creating a beautiful space on the internet, and not sitting around being overcome with sadness.

Well, there you have it! The basic reasons why you should be blogging during this pandemic. I hope that by reading this post you were inspired to continue blogging when things get tough, or maybe even start a blog of your own. The possibilities are endless.

That’ll be all for today! Please stay safe out there. I hope that you might keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I prepare for my kidney biopsy tomorrow.

I’ll be back next Monday. 💓😘

8 thoughts on “Why You Should Be Blogging Through This Pandemic”

  1. Those are some wonderful and inspiring reasons Rebekah! I have definitely been turning towards blogging during this time and it has been a great time of growth in that area as well as inspiring others!
    And a kidney biopsy sounds a little scary, I’ll definitely be praying! I pray that you’ll be healthy and at peace 💛. Have a wonderful day Rebekah!

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  2. Definitely agree with you! Blogging has been a huge distraction for me during this time! And it’s been amazing to feel apart of a community online! Keeping you in my thoughts for your biopsy 🙌🏻

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  3. I agree with you a lot, meeting all these amazing people and having blogging as a distraction has been amazing for me through all of this. I hope everything goes will in your kidney biopsy!

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  4. This is so much true , about writing. I have recently started blogging about the things what i have studied and researched. You are invited to see some of my work , it will really means a lot to get an opinion from you.

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