1k Subscribers Giveaway EXTENDED + NEW ways to enter!!

Hello there, my children. Welcome back to my little corner of the web. Grab a pillow, a cup of joe, or maybe tea because coffee is anxiety juice™️, and come join me as we discuss today’s topic.

• Giveaway is extended until March 30th, 2020

• Giveaway is open to US residents only

• Drop a comment telling me you want to enter = 1 entry

• Shout us out on your Instagram story and don’t forget to tag us (your account must be public in order for the entry to count) = 1 entry

• Follow @questionabletortoisecouture on Instagram = 1 entry

• Tweet this article (tag me @bekahtheblogger) = 1 entry

• Give me a shout out on your next blog post (must link to this blog) = 2 entries

• Repost this article on your site = 3 entries

• Even MORE ways to enter here!

(Drop a comment letting me know how you entered so I can keep up and correctly count your entries)

I am giving away not one, but two beautifully handmade scrunchies from my sweet friend, Larissa. ✨💓

These scrunchies are incredibly soft and well-made. Larissa does a great job and is super talented, so be sure to check out her other scrunchies. 💗

Yes. Yes it is.

I hope you all have a happy Friday, and please remember not to eat the hand sanitizer, but instead use it for your hands. It’s called hand sanitizer for a reason, Karen.

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