1k Subscribers Giveaway + Fashion Blog Launch

Oh, what a happy day! I have dreamt of writing this post for an excruciatingly long amount of time, and now the day has come!

Yes, I really did it.

People apparently like what I write, so they subscribed! I’d like to thank you all, my lovely subscribers. Literally non of this would be possible without you. I would’ve given up on this blog a long time ago if it weren’t for the outpouring of love and support from my readers, family, and friends.

A dream come true.

If you’ve been around since the very beginning, you’ll remember that this site was originally a fashion blog. I discovered I really didn’t know too much about clothing in general, so I ditched that idea and turned this into a inspirational, happy, sarcastically written lifestyle blog. That was the right decision.

Fast forward almost three years later, I feel as if I now have a pretty good understanding of the history of fashion. At least I think I do…

As of today, Rebekah Grace Fashion is up and running! On my new blog, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on topics such as fashion in film and television, the downfall of fashion retailers (Ahem, *Lularoe*), and thrifting.

Come at me, internet.

Since this post is already full of accomplishments, I figured that I might as well throw this in here too.

Since going vegan, I have already felt so much better. I’ve noticed a difference in my body and my energy.

So she’s vegan now??? What does she even eat??? Grass???

– You right now, probably.

No, small minded one, I do not eat grass. Not without salt.

I eat basically the same as I did before. I like to say I was already *halfway* vegan. I just avoid meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, eggs, certain sugars, and honey. Anything animal derived = no no.

Yep, it’s about time.

Does anyone here like scrunchies? Do you simply adore them? Of course you do.

Aren’t they adorable?? 💓

My sweet friend Larissa Brehm makes and sells these scrunchies, and oh my goodness aren’t they beautiful? I’m so proud of my talented friend!

I’d like to thank Larissa for providing me with these scrunchies! Be sure to check out her Instagram account where she posts and sells all of her gorgeous scrunchies.

So how can you enter to win these two stunning hair accessories?

It’s simple, really! Head over to our Instagram to enter. In the meantime, here are some other ways to enter:

1. Repost this article on your site = 3 entries.

2. Tweet this article (tag me @bekahtheblogger) = 1 entry.

3. Give us a shout out on your next blog post (link to my site please) = 2 entries.

Good luck! The winner will be announced on March 16th, 2020.

If you read the entire post, congrats. You’re a rockstar.

Again, thank you all. I’m glad I live in a day and age where the internet exists. It truly is a blessing, and I wouldn’t be able to do these things without it.

Bye bye!

*I would like to un-thank WordPress because their app sucks and they should really do something about it.

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