summer 2019

My Summer in Photos

Bonjour tout le monde! Comment s’est passé ton été?

(Have fun translating that. And no, I’m not taking French.)

Summer 2019 has gone by in a flash. Thankfully, I was able to capture some of my favorite memories on camera. Without further ado, I present to you my summer in photos. Enjoy!

Okay, but when are we getting that Rocko’s Modern Life reboot? Get it together, Nickelodeon.

First up we have some photos from my trip to Disney World back in April. I’m still so proud of these!

My parents took my sisters and I to an Atlanta Braves game back in late May. It was so much fun!

In June we visited Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. It was one of the prettiest beaches I had ever been to.

^^ You should follow my dad’s blog. 🙂

We also visited the Savannah historic district.

In addition to all these fun adventures, I discovered many new things this summer such as Bad Lip Reading, Twenty Øne Piløts, and the exhilarating sport of long distance running.

C’est tout, les amis!

Translation: “That’s all, folks!”

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Thanks for reading!

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