Bekah’s Picks: 7 Best Lifestyle Blogs

Are you a fan of lifestyle blogs like QTC?

Well, it’s your lucky day! Today I’ll be sharing my favorite lifestyle blogs with you.

Lifestyle blogs are da bomb! They’re home to posts about makeup, fashion, DIY, and so much more. They are truly the ideal blogs to read or write.

Without further ado, here are the 7 best* lifestyle blogs:

*This is strictly my opinion. Don’t @ me.

She The Spy

Joey is the spy; follow the musings of the Australian freelancing creative behind the studio ‘We The Spies’. Her blog ‘She The Spy’, launched in July 2017, is a place where she can share her style obsessions, moments and travels.

– She The Spy

My fave post: Gift Guide: For Creative Souls

Taiya Maddison

Hey, girl, I’m Taiya; a teen girl with a passion for sharing my lifestyle and fashion tips and tricks with other teens across the globe! I’m also obsessed with anything and everything chocolate!  But really, who isn’t obsessed with chocolate? I hope you stick around and enjoy my blog!

– Taiya Maddison

My fave post: How to save money while shopping | easy tips and tricks!

A Maizy Life

Hi! I’m Amy. I’m studying business at the University of Colorado and my dream is to one day own my own fair-trade clothing company. I don’t shut up about how much I love the Rocky Mountains and Jane Austen and 9 times out of 10 I have a cup of coffee or tea in my hand (if it’s a really good day I have some white espresso).

– A Maizy Life

My fave post: Colorado Travel Diary: How To Spend A Week In Colorado Springs

The Shades of Unique

My interests:

If you at any time ask me if I want a Dr. Pepper, I’m going to say “yes”.

If it involves Skittles, I’m in. No matter what. Wanna make a really good first impression? Skittles are key… no, seriously, I just LOVE Skittles.

– The Shades of Unique

My fave post: Lifestyle | places that hire 14 + 15 year olds

Ell Duclos

I created my blog in hopes of inspiring others who may feel as if they don’t have a purpose in the world, to realize that they actually do! It’s all about finding it and pursuing it! I always loved to write. Just like everyone else, I also have a story. I started my blog from nothing and worked my way up. Along the way I learned a lot about myself. I taught myself how to make a thriving blog & community and now I want to teach you how to do the same! Because did you know your passion can ACTUALLY pay off!?

– Ell Duclos

My fave post: The reality of being a full time blogger

Thrifts and Threads

I’m Brittany Xavier and I began my style blog in December 2013 to highlight my affordable finds as well as brands I find worth the splurge, those investment pieces I’ll wear again and again. I currently live in Old Town Pasadena with my husband Anthony, daughter Jadyn and our french bulldogs named Eloise and Mabel (and I’m just obsessed with my little family)!

– Thrifts and Threads

My fave post: Top Drugstore Beauty Products: Under $20

Sequins and Sales

My name is Amanda Johnson and I attend Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA. I am a Fashion Merchandising/Apparel Design major with a minor in Marketing. I love to sew, craft, and and write blog posts in my spare time. My friends refer to me as grandma because I prefer sitting in a coffee shop, reading, or doing homework over most anything else. That’s okay with me! I officially started my blog in January of 2018 and create new posts every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday! My blog is mainly about fashion, DIYs, and lifestyle hacks and I try to post about fun topics you’ll love. Check it out and I hope you stop by again soon! Also, don’t forget to subscribe on my home page! That way you’ll never miss out on any future posts.

– Sequins and Sales

– My fave post: 4 easy looks perfect for Thanksgiving

Be sure to check out these AMAZING blogs!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Have a happy Thanksgiving. 🤗

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