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YA Fiction Sucks, So Here’s How We Fix It

Hello, world! Happy weekend! 🤗❤️

I can’t even begin to explain to you how much of a bookworm I am. I will read ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I can get my hands on. Cereal boxes, newspapers, and pretty much any sort of book. There’s just one huge small problem – most books geared towards my age absolutely suck.

So here’s how we fix YA fiction:

Step 1. Include healthy relationships between the characters and their parents/children

I get it, I get it. I’m blessed, fortunate, rare, or WHATEVER you wanna call it all because a have a healthy relationship with my parents. Apparently the author of every single YA fiction book didn’t, so that’s why???

Step 2. Realistic circumstances

I know fiction means it isn’t real, buuuut I would like a fiction book not about magic and faraway lands for once. Authors take the word fiction too literally.

Yeah, Harry Potter is cool and all, but I’d like to have someone I could relate to. How about a girl who lives a semi-boring life like me? No? Okay.

You get what I mean.

Step 3. Less cursing, please. I BEG OF YOU, JOHN GREEN.

Sweet Jesus Christ. And you wonder where kids these days are learning such foul language?

I probably don’t need to go into this, but I’ll just say that YA FICTION BOOKS DON’T NEED SO MUCH FREAKING LANGUAGE OKAY.

(Oh I’m so sheltered)

I also wrote a post about reading John Green for the first time. 👌

Step 4. Get the children’s input

Hey YA fiction authors who happen to probably be adults, ever thought about asking for kid’s input on your sad, sad books? Probably not.

When you don’t ask for children’s opinions on books about children, the result is Turtles All The Way Down.


Step 5. Give up and just let Charis Rae write everything

If ya haven’t noticed, my girl Charis writes a FRICKING AWESOME Hunger Games fanfic. Also, her blog is one of my very favorites. Be sure to check it out! 😋

Welp, that’s it for today! Now I’m gonna go rehearse a dance for five hours straight. Fun.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! It means so much to me. 🤗 Have an extraordinary rest of your weekend!

14 thoughts on “YA Fiction Sucks, So Here’s How We Fix It”

  1. This was such a fun post to read! I love YA fiction, but all of the language makes me slightly uncomfortable? *shakes head sadly*
    Also, YES Charis should just write everything XD She’s such a good writer- I love her blog posts! ❤

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  2. I totally agree!!!! I have a great relationship with my parents yet no YA character ever has a good relationship. I read turtles all the way down as well and almost stopped reading it because it had so much swearing and other stuff. All YA authors need to read this post. Great job. 👍🏻
    Rose ❤️

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    Let there be normal young adults that aren’t orphans or are shipped to magical academies! Sheesh, imagine the poor souls waiting for their Hogwarts letter. *rolls eyes*
    I’ma just add one more thing: NO INSTA LOVE. PLEASE. Just *gags* no thank you, I don’t need yet another fic where the girl and guy fall in love.
    And I would let Charis Rae write everything.. but….. I’m not going to. 😉

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  4. i actually disagree??? while it’s sometimes inappropriate for a younger crowd, YA is really relatable because it’s often told in the perspective of a young adult. i enjoy it more than middle-grade which is too light for me and adult because obviously, i’m not ready for that deep dark stuff 😛 if you’re looking for realistic YA, try the contemporary genre (it’s my favorite genre too 😊 ). OHHH read a book or two by joan bauer, her writing is👌 plus there’s no cussing or inappropriate stuff at all.


  5. This was fun to read but I think you haven’t read the good kind of books just yet. A lot of books have that family theme in it where family sticks together through tough times. Some don’t have parents but try reading But Then I Came Back and When We Collided because those have great family themes. I really don’t enjoy reading books other than realistic fiction. Maybe it’s just me 😂 but yeah you should be switch over to contemporary because those have great morals and growth in characters. It kind of sucks when there’s a lot of swearing like we really don’t need 5 f bombs in a sentence. But a lot of books don’t have much swearing. One time my book was opened on the only not very appropriate page and it just happened to be the one my cousin had to open. I felt so bad because she’s so young but yeah it just depends on the kind of books you pick out.

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  6. The amount of cursing and the kids hatred for the parents is ENORMOUS!! And I agree with you, because I have a pretty stable relationship with them and it’s hard to relate to these books about kids using so much curses and all!
    Great! post!


  7. Even though I have an undying love for YA… YOU MAKE PERFECTLY GOOD POINTS. I remember reading Looking For Alaska for the first time and was like “Uhhhh…. I can’t even quote this book???”

    Also; I think that writers need to make parents more relevant in stories. In some books, authors don’t even address the characters’ families! I’d like to know that they exist, too.

    I recommend you read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before if you haven’t already! It has a lot of family rep and realistic circumstances. ❤ Great post, Bekah!

    xx Kenzie | http://www.paperpizzablog.com


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