How To Properly Deal With A Cyber Bully

Happy weekend, my lovely readers! We’re gonna start the first day of fall off with none other than… a rant.

Today I’m going to be discussing how to deal with a cyber bully. Cyber bullying is not cool, and I feel as if it’s happened to me enough, so that means it’s time for me to finally write a post about it. Here we go! 😋

Every freaking time a thoughtless coward spews accusations in the comment sections on one of my posts, the following thoughts go through my head:

• Wow. This person is a freaking idiot.

• You couldn’t have emailed me instead of posting it in the comments for everyone to see? Really? How unprofessional and unnecessary.

• Should I just quit blogging?

In short, I’ve dealt with lots of hate. But haven’t we all?

So here is how to properly deal with a cyber bully:

1. Tell a trusted adult

When you’re being bullied online or in real life, the first thing to do is to tell a trusted adult. They can help you assess the situation and confront the bully.

2. Confront to the bully

When I received mean comments from people, I like to confront them via email. I always include how their nasty comments made me feel.

Here’s an example of what I would write:

Dear idiot,

Oof thanks for your lovely comment on my blog post. I hope you die a slow, painful death knowing that your comment not only hurt my feelings, but made me question my existence in the blogosphere.

Have a nice life being the stupid idiot you are!


– Bekah

Okay, don’t write that. As much as you may want to, it still isn’t right.

Write something professional. Adults have a strange and wonderful skill of writing incredible emails, so you might want to let them do the talking. Well, at least my mom writes awesome emails. I dunno about your mom, but whatever.

3. Don’t let it get to you

I know it’s hard as heck, but try not to let it phase you.

YOU are sooo important, and YOU matter! These bullies ain’t got nothing on you, babe.

4. Come back stronger than ever

Show the haters you are a force to be reckoned with. Besides, they were just jealous of you in the first place. Why not make ’em envy your awesomeness even more? 😉

Things to remember:

• You are important

• Your blog is great no matter what

• What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

• Never give up

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my sarcastic little corner of the internet. I put so much time, energy, and personality into each post, so it really means a lot. 🤗

See you next Saturday. ❤️Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

4 thoughts on “How To Properly Deal With A Cyber Bully”

  1. Thank you for the encouragement, Beckah! ❤ I’ve dealt with cyberbullying at times – not much on my blog, but definitely when I used to be on Instagram. The thing was, because I wasn’t doing anything controversial or that could in any way attract hate, the abuse was a complete reflection of the bully! I’m not saying it was easy to deal with at the time, because it certainly was not (I was 14/15 at the time so I took it personally), but looking back, I was able to let it all go with the knowledge that it was THEM and not ME.
    I’m glad you wrote a post about this, because it is definitely an issue everywhere online!


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