My View On Modesty

We live in a broken world.

We bash and judge people left and right, and we label them before we even get the chance to know them.

I’ve wanted to write about the topic of women’s clothing choices for a long while, but I just haven’t found the words until now.

If a girl’s bra strap is showing, we automatically label her ‘immodest’.

If a girl’s hair is shorter than shoulder-length, we automatically label her ‘immodest’.

If a girl is wearing *gasp* pants or shorts, we automatically label her ‘immodest’.

I’m sorry, but that’s crappy.

I’m apparently a rebellious teenager.

I feel as if I can never get my bra to stay in place, so the straps are pretty much always visible.

I still want to cut my hair really short, but I have to wear it in a bun for ballet.

I’ve worn a skirt/dress once this month. ONLY ONCE. I pretty much always wear pants or shorts.

Ohh I’m such a rebel.

I read blog posts about modesty ALL DA FREAKING TIME, but I don’t usually agree with them.

Modesty seems to be a popular topic in the teen Christian girl blogosphere at the moment. I think that’s really cool, but some people have pretty twisted opinions.

When people hear the word modesty, they automatically think “Oh, that means I should cover every single inch of my body!”

We’ve all heard the “showing skin distracts the boys” spiel, right? So funny.

Or the one that goes “you’re not honoring God if you wear that tank top!” Absolutely hilarious.

Yes, we should dress our bodies to honor God, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to avoid wearing pants and anything that might potentially show my bra.

And I’m not going wear a skirt because “women lose their femininity when they wear pants.”

(Yes, I actually have heard that before)

This post needs to end in just a second or else it’s going to get very rambly and long, so I’ll leave you with this:

• Don’t let society decide what you should wear.

• You do you, but still listen to your parents. If they tell you not to wear something, it’s because they love you.

• Listen to the women who came before you. They made those fashion mistakes so you don’t have to.

• Your clothing choices DO NOT make God love you any less.

• Life is short. Buy the dress.

• Don’t judge people based on their appearance. You have no idea what it’s like to be them.

I pray that no one took the post in the wrong way. This is strictly my opinion.

What are your thoughts on modesty? Kindly share your opinion in the comments section.

See you all on Friday! Have a great Monday. 🤗

19 thoughts on “My View On Modesty”

  1. 100% agree! Life is short. You can’t make God love you any more or less based on clothing, so don’t try. Be free! Wear what makes you feel beautiful.

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  2. Honestly, if someone doesn’t have modesty on the inside, then modesty on the outside doesn’t matter. We shouldnt judge anyone based on what they were because we are in no place to judge. If anyone wants to wear shorts, they can go ahead. I just find it ridiculous that short and ripped clothing is all you find in stores nowadays. Like yeah, I get that it’s summer season but I really don’t want cuts everywhere revealing all my skin, you know? Sometimes I feel like people dress a certain way because it’s trendy or everyone else does it. I’m not going to say it’s perfectly fine to walk outside with a bra and shorts because it really isn’t but we just need to keep following the right path and not judge anyone else. So I agree on some things and disagree on others but I feel like I’m always that way with your blog posts 😂


  3. I love reading your posts because they are so true! I wrote a post about modesty and is more about finding what you think is modest. It was more about finding the area between wearing maxi skirts and turtlenecks sweaters and wearing something that covers nothing. I once showed a bra strap and man, I traumatized everyone around me. 🙂

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  4. I mostly agree with you! 🙂 I don’t think us ladies need to cover every inch of us, but we do need to be careful of what skin we do show. I wear shorts, or pants like all the time, I mostly only wear skirts or dresses for church 😉
    To me, at least, when I see a teenage girl showing off her belly, wearing short shorts, and just plain too much underdressed, it kinda makes me sad. She obviously feels like she has to dress “worldly” in order to get a boyfriend or get the attention she wants. But you don’t have to. I have fallen into the trap of “I need to dress more hip” “I need to be less modest” so that I will be the “cool kid” or to get a boys attention, but that is such a lie from the Devil! God looks at inward beauty, not how we dress, how our hair looks, if we wear makeup or not. He sees what our heart is like. Also, if a friend or guy dumps you just because of how you dress, how pulled together your hair is etc. Then they were never really your friend, they only liked you because of your looks, but God won’t do that. ❤

    Okay, I am gonna stop now. This has become a long rant. 😛 😀

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    1. I agree with you except, I know a lot of good Christian people that do show their belly.
      I’m a busy mom and sometimes you put on what got washed. Ha!
      And I grew up in such a legalistic home with so many rules that were over the top, that It taught me to be judgemental instead of seeing a person for who they are, which is how we should look at them. We should look at hearts and not their outward appearance. There’s a guy at church who has a Mohawk. I love it!! I don’t want my children to feel as though they have to look a certain way to feel good, to feel beautiful. I make it a point to let my girls know they are beautiful in whatever they’re wearing. THEY make the clothes look awesome, instead of the other way around. Also, by being judgemental on someone’s clothing/hair style, you can miss out in some wonderful friendships.

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  5. I almost never wear skirts, and I wear dresses once in a while for church or parties. I agree with the bra strap thing, but I always freak out when that happens to me.

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  6. I agree. I’ve never agreed with people who say “Oh don’t wear shorts it’s worldly” or “Oh if you have short hair you’re not Christian.” Like really. Have you seen Africans. UM––AFRO = SHORT HAIR. There was actually a Christian school I almost applied to that required their girls to have shoulder-length hair…poor short haired girl that looks beautiful in her hairstyle! 😒

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  7. Bekah.
    We might have different views on things, but I totally agree.
    I hate how legalistic Christians can be about modesty, and I’m glad I’m not the only one.
    Skirts are only once a week. I live in shorts. XD
    “Don’t judge people based on their appearance. You have no idea what it’s like to be them.” This was so true! So many people have approached me awkwardly or not at all simply because I’m wearing a skirt on Sunday. Thanks for writing this!

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