MasterEth Talks YouTubing, BlimeyCon2018, And MORE!

Hello, world! Happy weekend! πŸ˜€

I love YouTube just as much as the next person, but there’s one problem: about 98% of YouTube isn’t actually clean and family-friendly. Pretty sad, huh?

I have been searching for a clean YouTube channel that I could watch without worrying about it being inappropriate. Just when I was about to end my search, I stumbled upon none other than MasterEth…

Today I’m going to be interviewing Ethan, the brain behind his successful YouTube channel, MasterEth.

We’re going to discuss lots of interesting things and learn all about this friendly and funny internet personality, so read on…

Bekah: Share with us 3 random facts about you.

MasterEth: My index toe is the longest on both of my feet, I wear T-shirts year-round, even though I have to deal with all four seasons, and given up on trying to figure out what my hair color is since everybody says something different about it due to the fact that it’s a weird mix of brown, blonde, and red, but I think it’s strawberry blonde.

Bekah: How long have you been YouTubing?

MasterEth: Depends on what you mean by “YouTubing”. The reason I say that is because I started making videos for the first time in 2011 when I attempted to make Lego videos. If we’re talking more recent, then it would be 2 years of work on my main channel.

Bekah: What is your goal with your channel?

MasterEth: I have two: a consistent goal, and a future goal. The consistent goal is to create clean, entertaining, and quality videos on a consistent basis. So far I’ve been successful in accomplishing that, since I’ve been able to keep up a weekly schedule. The future goal is one that I know is reaching for the stars, but one that I’m fully confident in. If I could have ANY job in the entire world, and money wasn’t a worry, it would definitely be a full-time YouTuber. I LOVE the video creation process with a burning passion, and it’s something that truly makes me happy in life.

Bekah: Who/what inspired you to start your channel?

MasterEth: I would have to say my friend Zach, who’s been my best friend since I was born. Zach started doing gaming videos a long time ago, so I wanted to try it out. I haven’t made gaming videos in so many years, since that’s not the content I want to make, but without Zach, I probably wouldn’t have even started making videos.

Bekah: Who are some of your influences?

MasterEth: I would have to say that all of my influences are YouTubers. My absolute FAVORITE at the moment is a guy called NakeyJakey. His channel is all about dissecting certain aspects of video games and being very analytical about it without being super boring. I love every single aspect of his content so much that I’m currently making a video about him.

Bekah: Can you make an acronym out of your own name?

MasterEth: Even Thomas Hadn’t Ate Nutella

Bekah: What’s your favorite book/book series?

MasterEth: “Crushing It!” by Gary Vaynerchuk.

Bekah: Do you like or dislike social media? Has it helped you grow your channel?

MasterEth: I believe there’s a good and bad side to everything, and social media is a perfect example. It depends on where you go and who you follow. For the most part I like it, though I have my criticisms. Social media has helped me grow my channel to what it is now, and it’s continuing to grow.

Bekah: Do you have any advice for aspiring YouTubers?

MasterEth: I could talk for literally an hour and still not convey everything that I want to say. I’ve even made a video about this subject in order to help such aspiring creators. Here’s what I will say: figure out your “why”. There has to be a reason behind it in order for it to give a deeper meaning then just “oh, I like to make videos.” If you love making videos, and it makes you happy, then that’s great. But if you actually want to make an impact, you need reasons why you’re doing what you’re doing, and have to have a clear goal of what you’re trying to achieve.

Bekah: You recently went to BlimeyCon! What was it like to meet the Taylors?

MasterEth: I did go to BlimeyCon! The Taylor’s are the most genuine, kind hearted people I’ve ever met. When I first saw them at the convention, I was of course star-struck, just like any person would be if one of your favorite people from the internet was standing right next to you. It was really nice getting to talk to all of them, especially since I’ve been watching their content since 2013. I’m excited to see them again next year!

Bekah: What’s your favorite food?

MasterEth: Steak, medium-well.

Bekah: Have you ever traveled outside the U.S.?

MasterEth: I have not yet. I think it would be cool to travel to the U.K., since one, I love British people, especially because of their accents, and two, because then I wouldn’t have to learn another language.

Bekah: Have you enjoyed this interview?

MasterEth: Very much so. I think this is actually my first, so that’s pretty cool.

Bekah: What message do you hope to send to your viewers through your videos?

MasterEth: That I create clean, analytical content on a consistent basis.

Bekah: If the whole world was listening, what would you say?

MasterEth: Sahara is the best movie.

Here’s where you can find more of MasterEth:

β€’ MasterEth (main channel)

β€’ MasterEth Extra

β€’ MasterEth Vlogs

β€’ Creative Minds podcast

β€’ Twitter: @Master_Eth

β€’ Snapchat: mastereth

β€’ Instagram: mastereth

I hope you all enjoyed reading this interview as much as Ethan and I did creating it!

Be sure to subscribe to all the MasterEth channels, and don’t forget to follow his social media accounts.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend! See ya Monday! πŸ˜„

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