Pet Peeves of A Long-Time Blogger

Hello, world! I hope you had a wonderful Fourth Of July! 🎉

I’ve been blogging for almost a year, (August 10th, to be exact) and I’ve seen many types of bloggers/blog posts.

So many that I’ve developed pet peeves related to some of the writing styles/etc that I’ve run into.

I’m not going to call out anybody, and keep in mind that I’m not talking about any particular person – I just wanna rant.

Pet Peeve 1# that ‘aesthetic’ writing style

I think you know what I’m talking about.


hola my marshmallow childrennnnn 🌱how are youuuu? 🌸omg like tbh im sooo lazy lol that i cant evan puncctuatee🌱lolzzzz ✈️tbh being a fith gradar iz sooo harrd omg im so complicated omg my emotions i cant ⚡️

Yes, I have seen mucho blog posts like that.

What bothers me about this one is that the blogger can barely spell a single word.

Other traits of this “unique” writing style include:

• Lots 🎉 of ✈️ emojis🌱

• No capitalization

• Little to no punctuation

Pet Peeve 2# that ‘mommy’ blogger

I understand that being a young mom is fun and all, but does the internet really need to know about it?

Moms, PUH-LEEZE tone it down on your “mommy blogs”, because honestly no one gives a crap about your little Stacy taking her first steps. That’s a fact.

Pet Peeve 3# the ‘life hacker’

I could legit go on Pinterest and find the same dumb life hacks that you included in your blog post, so please stop.

Pet Peeve 4# “I have no idea what to write about, any ideas?”

Listen, blogging is not the most complicated thing in the world, so you probably won’t find it hard to find something to write about. Plus, you’re an interesting person! You have many awesome things to write about.

Oh, and if you “don’t know what to write about”, don’t post polls asking for ideas.

Pet Peeve 5# no featured image

You know how much this bothers me. I actually wrote a post all about it!

Pet Peeve 6# bringing politics into your non political blog

If your blogging wasn’t intended for politics, then don’t bring it up! Let your blog be a place where we can forget about what’s happening in the world around us.

I can’t fit all of my pet peeves in one blog post, so I’ll stop right here. 😉

Would you like to see a part-two of this post? What are some of your blogging pet peeves?

23 thoughts on “Pet Peeves of A Long-Time Blogger”

  1. I would have to agree with you! I don’t know if it would be considered a pet peeve, but I usually NEVER follow a blog that primarily posts contests, giveaways, awards/challenges, etc. I prefer a balanced mix, though ultimately would rather read a substantial blog post. 🙂

    And number 1 on your list is very relatable. Maybe post those kind of things on Instagram, but you are right, it does not fit a blog. I always view that kind of writing as lazy and un-professional. I feel that beautifully written pieces are much more aesthetically pleasing than images and “foreign” punctuation. If you want to make an aesthetic look, focus on your site design and refine your writing skills, right?! 😉

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  2. Haha I have a fewww mixed feelings but this is just my opinion. I love your commentary on the first one 😂😂 Well the mommy blogger is a mommy blogger so her baby’s first steps is kind of a big deal. 😂 Plus the followers are interested in the baby’s growth so I’m going to have to give them credit. 😂 Number 3 is so common on Youtube too and I just see the same life hacks over again like ugh. I see number 4 everywhere too and I feel like maybe a mention for ideas at the end of a post is acceptable but a whole post asking for ideas is a bit ridiculous. The last pet peeve I sort of disagree with because if something comes up that needs to be addressed, then props to the blogger for speaking out about it no matter what their niche is. I completely respect your opinion though and I rant a lot too so no hate there. 😂
    I find it annoying when some bloggers comment on posts saying “cool post – follow me” like um okay? Another one I have is when bloggers just answer all their award questions with ‘i don’t know’ or ‘can’t decide’ like I kind of clicked to read your answers so that’s cool.

    Part 2 🙌!

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  3. hey, bekah!! i completely agree with pretty much all of these.. even though it’s sometimes hard to not say your political views- but i guess it can be avoided! apart from that- great post! loved it and it made me laugh pretty hard 😂❤️ part 2- yes please!!!
    sophie xx

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  4. I agree with most of these.
    I think that the mommy bloggers are kind of annoying, but they are sometimes cute, plus I have no doubt I’ll be like that. XD
    That first one- I think a little bit of everything (not at once, but separately) would be ok, because a lot of bloggers have phones which are hard to type with.
    I 1/2 agree with the “no ideas” one, but for a while I didn’t have any ideas for my blog. That’s one reason why I decided to take a break. It’s been easier on my doll blog- maybe because it’s limited amount off topics, so more ideas come up? I don’t know.
    I can so agree with the political one- NOBODY wants to think about politics right now.
    Featured image doesn’t bother me- but I’ve started using them because they seem more appealing.
    Wow, that was long. XD Great post! IU would love a part 2! Also, one of my pet peeves are the newbie bloggers who go around asking people to follow them. I don’t get upset if they leave a link or something, I’d check that out. But just going around asking people?!?!?! That’s kind of upsetting.
    Now this is getting to a short-post-comment size, so I should stop. Hope you’ve been having a great summer so far!

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  5. Hi Everyone, hold up on hatin’ on my girl, Rebekah.
    First, I’m a mom. I did not want to blog about my children because it’s no one’s business. That is for family and not the world.
    Of course, as a mom, I’m so very proud of my girls. I love to celebrate their accomplishments! I wouldn’t do it in a blog, but rather with friends and family privately.
    So, if you’re not a mom, you can’t possibly understand the satire in the Mommy/blog comment completely.
    To Bekah the blogger, THIS MOM is so proud of this blog. You’re so intelligent beyond your years.

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