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Here’s Why Netflix Needs To Bring Back “Haters Back Off!”


“I may be weird, but I’m on top of the color guard world… and you’re not!” – Uncle Jim

Season 1 Episode 7

Hello, world! 👩🏻‍💻

Let’s not argue: Miranda Sings is one of the greatest gifts God has given us.

So you may not like her for whatever reason. Whether it’s her voice, personality, or her lipstick, I still think we can all agree that her Netflix original series Haters Back Off! would beat 13 Reasons Why and Stranger Things any day. Just sayingggg…

What is this magical blessing in television form?

This comedy series, exclusive to Netflix, follows the oddball family life of a fictional YouTube star named Miranda Sings, a character created and portrayed by Colleen Ballinger, who also serves as an executive producer. Miranda is an incredibly confident, self-absorbed teenage singer/dancer/actor/model who is on the rise — despite a complete and utter lack of talent. Miranda continues to luck into failing upward, fueled by her belief that she was born to be famous, even if no one else knows it yet. -IMDb

Sounds pretty great, right? 😂

Anyway, let’s list some of the many reasons why Netflix needs to bring back this amazing show. 😉

1. This isn’t just a kids show

Are you freaking kidding me, Netflix?! Why is the show listed under “kids”?

While kids of all age will enjoy it, there’s still plenty of humor intended for older audiences that will go over kid’s heads.

If my father, a clean stand-up comedian, enjoys this show, that means that Netflix doing something right.

2. Uncle Jim

Two words: Uncle. Jim.

Uncle Jim’s caring, sorta creepy persona perfectly balances Miranda’s crazy antics.

Would a creep keep a jar of Miranda’s baby teeth in his room?” – Uncle Jim

Season 2 Episode 7

3. Miranda and Patrick’s relationship

Have I ever shipped two people harder? NO!

And the best part? The actors are dating in REAL LIFE.

Still a better love story than Twilight. (Sorry, mother…)

4. I want to see Emily succeed

Emily is Miranda’s artsy and quiet sister. I guess you could say she’s the only normal one in the family, though everyone treats her like she’s the weird one.

With Miranda ruining her portfolio for Art School, I think it gives you an idea of how extreme Miranda is.

With that being said, I want Emily to have her chance.

Oh, you like kissing? Well, you’re in luck, because I got soft orphan lips” – Uncle Jim

Season 1 Episode 5

5. This show turns any bad day into a great day

Seriously! If you want a little pick-me-up, just turn on an episode of Haters Back Off!

Trust me, it will turn your day around instantly.

If you hope to see this show back on Netflix, please share this post!

Simply mentioning in an Instagram or blog post would be great! You never know, this could convince the right people. 😀Have you seen “Haters Back Off”?

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13 thoughts on “Here’s Why Netflix Needs To Bring Back “Haters Back Off!””

  1. You know I LOVE me some “Haters”!!! Truly I am disappointed they would cancel such a hilarious show. We love to watch “The Office”, and to us “Haters” is just as great!
    It’s truly a gem. So, get a grip Netflix and bring “Haters” Back!
    Make tv “Delichus” again. If you’re a “Hater” you understand.

    Liked by 2 people

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