Interview w/ Charis Rae @

Hello there, world! ❤️ Happy Monday!!

Today I’ll be interviewing the lovely Charis from her exquisite blog,’s begin, shall we? 😄

1. How long have you been blogging?

1. I’ve been blogging for close to 5 years, starting with a private Blogger site shared only with my family and close friends. Since then, I’ve gone public, switched from Blogger to WordPress, and eventually launched a professional platform! 🙂

2. How many blogs do you have?

Before I switched to WordPress, I had two blogs – one focused on dolls and photography, and the other on writing and lifestyle. Now, I post about writing and books on

3. What’s your favorite book series?

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Those books have impacted me so much as both a reader and a writer. The books have amazing characters, a realistic world, and important themes that ring true in our lives today. I love them!

4. Have you ever tried fried Oreos?

Nope! I’m gluten and dairy free so I can’t have regular Oreos. But they sound amazing!

5. What the most important lesson blogging has taught you?

Although I’m not perfect and am still learning, I’m working to effectively manage my time, be disciplined, and stay organized.

6. Do you use social media to promote your blog? If so, has that helped you gain followers?

I connect with my readers (and promote my blog) using my email list ( and Instagram (@charis_rae) account, as well as the online Young Writers Workshop I’m enrolled in. It’s helped me to meet new people, further connect with them, gain feedback and new ideas, and lend my skills to help them in their online endeavors.

7. Can you make an acronym out of your own name?

Ooh this is fun! I always feel really conceited writing these, but I’ll not to make it too cheesy. XD

C – Caring

H – Helpful

A – Artistic

R – Reluctant (I overthink everything XD)

I – Inquisitive

S – Suspecting (I make up things in my head about things around me and often think of the worst possible situation. Comes from being a writer, I suppose. XD)

8. Can you describe your blog in one word?


9. Have you enjoyed this interview?

I loved it! It was super fun and thought-provoking.

10. And the final question…


Do. You. Ship. Reylo?!


Ha! I hope you all had as much fun reading this as Charis and I had writing it!

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