Forgotten WDW Photography

Hello, world! I hope you’re having a wonderful day/night!

My long-time followers may remember my trip to Walt Disney World back when I began blogging. So, late August/early September time-frame.


I made a few not so great posts that included some crappy pictures of It’s a small world and such.

I’ve recently been scouring my camera roll and came across some surprisingly nice looking photos that I took as well. Whaddya know, right?

So here I am to share ’em with you!

(In the Christmas shoppe in the Epcot World Showcase)
(Captain Phasma, Kylo Ren, and fellow stormtrooper in Star Wars Launch Bay in Hollywood Studios)
(I think this is somewhere in the Paris pavilion) (Near the entrance at Hollywood Studios FT. my dad in the lower left corner)
(The view of the Florida interstate from the monorail window)
(Me, pretending I have swag) (Pretty sure this was taken in the German pavilion)
(Somewhere in Norway. Most likely near the Frozen ride)(About my 3rd trip to Starbucks that day. What? Don’t judge me)(An over-edited photo of somewhere in Animal Kingdom)
(Somewhere in the Paris pavilion) (A tree I saw on the Harambe Safari in Animal Kingdom)

Did you enjoy this post? Which photo is your favorite? Have you ever been to Disney World?

P.S. Questionable Tortoise Couture just reached 400 followers! Thank you, everyone!

8 thoughts on “Forgotten WDW Photography”

  1. So pretty, Bekah!! My favorite is the one of your dad with the palm trees!! Great shots! 🎉❤ Congrats on 400!! You deserve every single one and more! 😎💞

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  2. Bet you can’t guess which is my favorite! XD I have been to Disney twice, it’s ok, but the lines are very long for what you get to ride and I prefer Sea World. Of course when they open the Star Wars section, that will make Disney 80 x better.


  3. Yes! Definitely brings back good memories from my last trip to Disney. It honestly is the best place on earth. Maybe I’ll have to share some of my photos on the blog… After all, I took over 2,000 photos! Lol!


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