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Where Are My Likes?! || The Need For A Steady Posting Schedule

Hello, world! πŸ˜„ Happy Monday to ya! πŸŽ‰

When I began blogging, I posted up to 7 times a day. That was just dumb.

In my experience, posting more than once a day is not a good idea.

Having to post something related to a contest is an exception, but other than that, I wouldn’t post something else just for fun.

“What’s the big deal with posting several times a day?!”

Let me put it to you like this:

Ever wondered why you’re only getting 3 or less likes per post? It’s cause you keep posting, and posting, and POSTING!

So if you’re posting once a day and getting only 3 likes, that’s probably because you don’t have a high follower count. That’s okay! Gaining followers takes time, but you’ll get there. πŸ˜‰

I’ve seen bloggers with 500+ followers post 8 times a day just for fun, and they’re only getting 2 likes per post.

What’s a way to create a steady and easy-to-follow posting schedule?

For example, I typically post 3 days a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This way, my posts have 1-2 days in between, which gives time for more people to see it without being bombarded with another one of my posts.

Start by posting a few times a week, see how many likes you get. If you don’t get a ton, that’s okay! Do not jump to conclusions and completely shut down your blog or take a hiatus. Like I said, this stuff takes time.

This is strictly my opinion. I hope that this post is not taken in a negative way – that is most definitely not my intention. ❀️Did you enjoy this post? Do you prefer to have a planned posting schedule?

18 thoughts on “Where Are My Likes?! || The Need For A Steady Posting Schedule”

  1. So great! This is one of my pet peeves when a blogger post 80000 times a day πŸ™‚ And the more you post, I notice, the fewer ideas you have and the quality of the post goes down! As they say, quality over quantity!
    ~ Emmie

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  2. So true!! It can also drive me crazy when bloggers post that many times!! 😜😜 I always post no more than once a day unless I have to for some reason! πŸ’– Great advice!!

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  3. Oh my goodness I hate when people post twice a day EXCEPT if their earlier post had a problem with it or they had a special announcement or something. When posts from the same blogger builds up in my feed, I almost wanna skip it! Here it from me guys––people like a blogger that is rare. You’re more valuable to your readers if they don’t see a lot of you, because they’ll want to hang on to every word you say––write––until the next time you write.

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