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Tell-Tale Signs You’re A Minimalist

Hello, world! Happy Sunday!! ❤️

If you haven’t noticed, minimalism is all the rage.

And I’ve gotta admit, I have jumped on the minimalist bandwagon. Urgh.

Hey, that’s not bad! Minimalism is cool, yo! 😎


Please note: if you relate to the following, YOU just might be a minimalist too!

1. You’re constantly rearranging furniture

2. You nonchalantly organize

3. You’re not an impulse buyer

4. You’ve become a regular at the Goodwill drop-off

5. You prefer neutral tones (beige, white, grey, etc…)

6. You take pride in what you do have

7. You just adore capsules wardrobes

• Are you a minimalist?

9 thoughts on “Tell-Tale Signs You’re A Minimalist”

  1. But I dropped by to let you know I’ve added a link to your blog in my post – I was inspired by all the ways to do things better in blogshpere. Thank you for the inspiration. PS: I don’t think I’m a minimalist 🙂

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  2. I have to say that all of these apply to me… EXCEPT!!! I still love colors. I can’t help myself I’m a colorful, gal. Totally a minimalist aside from that though. I write about my minimalism journey on my lifestyle blog!💖 —

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