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6 Things You Can Do To Get Your Blog Out There

Hello, world! Welcome back!

Ahh, can you believe it’s already Thursday? I can’t!

Today I’d like to share some ways to get your blog out there. I hope you enjoy!

1. Social Media

With today’s social platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, you can easily gain more followers. If you want some help on blogging with Pinterest, you can check out Buttercup’s The Basics Of Blogging With Pinterest. She explains everything from how to make your account a business account, to how to make board covers. Go check it out!!

2. Collabs

Collabs are so great! Not only are they good for your blog, they also help other bloggers! If you’re trying to get more followers, try collaborating with a blogger with a large amount of followers. If you’re a bigger blogger and just want to help the little guys out, collab with someone with a small amount of followers. If you’re interested in collaborating with me, you can click HERE to be transported to my contact page.

3. Sharing With Friends

Say you share a post with your friend, your friend shares it with their friend, and your friends friend shares it with their friend…

See what I mean?

You might be scared that they’d make fun of it, and if they do, they’re not real friends. Always remember that your creations are valuable.

4. Promos and Advertisements

There are TONS of ways to do promotions and advertisements. I know Facebook will promote you after you reach a certain amount of subscribers.


I know. Super simple, and I’ve talked about it before. But commenting on other blogs have really attracted more followers for me!

Here’s a comment idea:

Hello, [insert name here]! I am really enjoying your blog! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post! It would mean so much to me if you checked out my blog at: yaddayadda.wordpress.com. I hope you like what you see, and maybe you can follow along!

-[insert your name] ❤️

6. Consistent Blogging

While all of these are great ideas and tips, constantly writing, planning, and posting is what you should do no matter what. I’m not saying you have to post everyday, but try to keep a good schedule. Maybe try spacing posts out with a day or two in between. That way your followers have something to anticipate and look-forward to.

Remember, building a blog takes time. Even the most popular blogs didn’t get where they are overnight.

• Did you enjoy this post?

• What are some ways you promote your blog?

19 thoughts on “6 Things You Can Do To Get Your Blog Out There”

  1. Great post, I agree! Hum…I have Google+ and I promote my blog there. 😀 😀 I also get my button out there and trade with others, that is really helpful, and fun, I love to share buttons!!! 😀

    ❤ Ariana ❤

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  2. I run a promotion on my homepage each month to encourage MORE PEOPLE TO CLICK THE HEAVENLY BUTTON. (whoops, sorry, I just get excited every time I get a new follower)

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Awesome tips. It’s good to read this. I was getting a little discouraged. I know my target audience would enjoy my content, but crossing the internet gap to reach them has been difficult.

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  4. How come I’ve only read this now?! I was also thinking of converting my personal account to a business acc, but I’m not quite sure where to start. These would be a big help to me. Thanks, Bekah!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi Bekah! Your blog is so cute and inspiring! I am dabbling in the blog world and would love if you would check mine out at thetruthjourneyy.wordpress.com! I hope you enjoy!
    Jill 🙂

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