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Preppy On A Budget

Hello, world!

Preppy can be EXPENSIVEEEE! But it’s also ADORABLE!

Whether it’s pearls or plaid, preppy will never go out of style.

And without further ado… I present to you lovely people…

Preppy On A Budget


Forever 21 is having a KILLER sale on flannel! Click the link above to take a look! Here are a few:


Dude, these are freaking expensive! You can click the link above to view one at Claire’s for $9.99. Or, you could tell me if you’d like a tutorial on how to make one for $1.00!


You can get a clearance Ivory Ella tee or a super cute Simply Southern tee. Here are a few of my faves:

• Do you like the preppy style?

• What are some ways you’re preppy on a budget?

10 thoughts on “Preppy On A Budget”

  1. I’m preppy but my parents handle the budget so I basically pick out whatever I like…. XD

    But I won a gift card at my church so now I’m spending my own money. Budgeting time!

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