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How To Dress Like A Fashion Blogger

Hello, world! How’s it going?

Though it may seem intimidating, dressing the part of a fashion blogger is super easy.

It’s all about your style

That’s right! There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to do it. As long as you feel fashionable, that’s all that matters!

Finding your style

Everyones style is different. If we all dressed the same, life would be super boring! Just remember: fashion bloggers are all different!

Exploring new styles

Once you’ve found your preferred fashion choices, it’s time to step-up your style game! Maybe try a brighter color top, some dark lipstick, or even (dare I say) high-rise blue jeans!


ALWAYS pay attention to the trend! This is crucial when fashion blogging. Take notice when something from long-ago comes back in style. Maybe give that style a try and turn what you thought about it into a blog post!

Don’t let others tell you what to wear (unless it’s your parents. They mean business)

Yeah. Listen to your parents because they’ve made those fashion faux-pas as well. They also don’t want their baby walking out of the house in a tube top and mom jeans. What a family disappointment that would be…

• What are your thoughts? I really wanna know!

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