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My thoughts on the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer

Hello, world!

Today I would like to share my thoughts on the trailer for the NEWEST Star Wars spin-off film, Solo: A Star Wars story…

Disney/Lucasfilm are getting pretty good at pumping out these spin-offs. Rogue One was obviously a HUGE success, so I’m sure this spin-off shall be too.

My thoughts on the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer

1. Emilia Clarke looks like Audrey Hepburn

To me, the Game Of Thrones actress favors a younger Audrey Hepburn. Anyone else think so too?

2. Alden Eheinreich is NO Harrison Ford

Uh sorry, but there can only be one Han Solo, and it will always be Harrison Ford.

3. Donald Glover is the Lando of our dreams

I don’t know anything about Donald Glover. I first heard about him when it was announced that he’d star in the live-action Lion King movie coming 2019, and I thought he looked like Billy Dee Williams. (Ahem. For you non-Star Wars fans, Billy Dee Williams played the original Lando Calrissian)

• Are you excited for Solo?

• Harrison Ford or Alden Eheinreich?

*Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters May 25th. You can click HERE to view the official trailer*

8 thoughts on “My thoughts on the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer”

  1. Harrison Ford definitely! Though I think Alden Eheinreich (Phew that is an interesting last name.) looks more like Han than I thought he would. He at least has the classic Han smirk down! I’m pretty excited for it, but right now I am mostly fangirling over Rebels because it ends next week. 😬😢

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    1. Oh yes! Ikr, what a name that is! Totally agree with you that he has some of Ford’s facial expressions. Thanks for commenting – it’s greatly appreciated!!

      -Bekah ❤️

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