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Better Blogger 4# || how to connect with your audience

Hello, world! Happy Monday to you all!

Welcome back to Better Blogger! Gosh, I can’t believe it’s the fourth week already. Can you?


Connecting with your blogging audience is a huge key to being a better blogger. It shows that you’re a real person and not some random robot sitting behind a screen.

So, let’s talk about how YOU can connect with your audience!

Better Blogger 4# || how to connect with your audience

Respond to comments

This is probably the most obvious, simplest, and easiest way to connect with your audience. You may think everyone answers comments, but you are oh-so wrong. Even if you can’t respond right away, at least give it a like and make a mental note to respond later.

Relatable content

Don’t go around bragging because you went to an exotic place. Doing that will make your readers feel below you instead of your equal. Instead, try blogging about a low-key local restaurant or coffee shop.

Collab often

Collabs are the best! Have a blogger interview you or vice-versa. If you’d be interested in doing a collab with me, you can click HERE to learn how to contact me.

• Interested in a collab?

• Enjoying Better Blogger?

• What are some ways you connect with your audience?

20 thoughts on “Better Blogger 4# || how to connect with your audience”

  1. Thank you for the awesome tips! 💕 Comments are always the best way for me to connect with my audience , a tip I got was to make the comments personal and not just an automatic “thanks for reading” reply 💕

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  2. Great tips!!! I WOULD LOVE TO COLLAB WITH YOU SOMETIME!!! Except maybe in a few weeks, since I pretty much have A TON OF POSTS PLANNED FOR, LIKE, THE WHOLE YEAR JK JK 😂😂😂 But I do have a lot to do when I come off hiatus, so sometime we can collab, I’ll let ya know!!! 💕😀

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