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30 things to-do when bored

I was bored… so I wrote this post!

Hello, world! Happy Saturdayyyy!

Sometimes we get bored with the same-old same-old routine, so here are 30 things to do when you’re bored.

30 things to-do when bored

1. Start a book

2. Jump rope

3. Dance

4. Play a board game

5. Play something with your younger siblings

6. Do laundry

7. Wash dishes

8. Watch a movie

9. Paint with watercolors

10. Call a relative you don’t see often

11. Hula-hoop

12. Read the dictionary

13. Listen to music

14. Do some online shopping

15. Bake a cake

16. Go to the gym

17. Sew

18. Take a nap

19. Bullet-journal

20. Start a blog

21. Go grocery shopping

22. Catch up on your homework (yes, homework)

23. Write a letter to someone

24. Go to the library

25. Empty out your closet

26. Start a television series you’ve heard a lot about

27. Spend an afternoon at the thrift store

28. Volunteer at a food-bank

29. Play a computer game

30. Read a blog post (such as this one)

• What do you do when bored?

• Favorite flavor of ice-cream?

16 thoughts on “30 things to-do when bored”

  1. Love this! My fav flavour ice cream is vanilla.. yum!! I also love caramel, and one time I tried cinnamon ice cream- which was so yummy! Thanks for writing this, I could do with a few of these ideas! Clover x

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