desk tour

•{February Desk Tour}•

Hello, world! Today is a special day!

It’s desk-tour day!

(Oh, it’s also Chris Farley’s birthday. He would have been 54 years old)


I asked if you guys wanted a desk-tour, and you said YES! So, let’s get on with this thing…

•{February Desk Tour}•

Here’s a nice view of my clean desk. 😎

Over here is a super snazzy box I received from my grandmother for Valentines Day. I use this to store my phone, glasses, pencil sharpener, etc.

Right over here is my rather large collection of gel-pens. I have more, but they’re in a drawer somewhere. XD

(I quite like this picture, though it is not the greatest quality)This is my sewing box. I keep needles, thread, pins, and many more things in here.Right here is where I keep my bullet-journal and regular journal. (Grey is the bullet-journal, and mint is the regular)

I got both of these journals for $5 each at Michael’s.I love it SO much!

Up on my shelf is where I’m currently keeping my money bank and a book I’m reading.I AM LOVING THIS SERIES!!! XD XD

Well, that’s my desk! I realize that was quite short, so here are some photos I took of my journals…

• Do you keep a clean or messy desk?

• Have you read “A Series Of Unfortunate Events”?

• Which photo was your favorite?

15 thoughts on “•{February Desk Tour}•”

  1. Oh, gosh, I hope some one else can relate to me, but wow! 😥 Your desk is so clean! Way neater than mine! I love that box that your Grandma got you, it’s so cute! I love your desk, it’s really pretty!!🎉

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  2. Wow it’s so clean my desk is a mess. I actually put 2 desks together to create one big desk because I needed more room. 😂 I love the series of unfortunate events I read the whole series! Amazing post.
    Rose ❤️💜❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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