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Better Blogger 3# || Phone vs Laptop

Hello, world!

Welcome back to Better Blogger! If you missed last weeks post, please click HERE to view it.

Better Blogger 3# || Phone vs Laptop

I think most of us can agree that the WordPress app is one of the best inventions EVERRR.

Bloggers have been dreaming of taking their blogging on the go without carrying around a bulky laptop. With the WordPress app, that is now possible.

There are still many people to do it old-fashioned way. Meaning, blogging on a computer.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

I’ve never blogged from a laptop

There, I said it…

So I’m not your average blogger, but I’m not unusual.

Lots of well-known bloggers blog from their cellphones. Some don’t even have a site.

(Ya, there’s a such thing as insta bloggers. They just “blog” from their Instagram account)


I prefer blogging from my phone, but maybe one day I’ll find myself using a computer instead. Who knows!

If you’re a new blogger, I definitely recommend the WordPress app. You can download it for free on the App Store .

So, which is better? Phone or Laptop?

Both are fabulous! It just really depends on what you feel is easiest. 😉

• Phone or laptop?

• Are you enjoying Better Blogger?

13 thoughts on “Better Blogger 3# || Phone vs Laptop”

  1. Laptop is way easier for me since I can get images easier and type faster but phones are great when you want to do posts on the go or on vacation.😉
    Rose 💚

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  2. I use my laptop when writing blog posts. However, I have the app and will often respond to comments and read/comment on the blog posts of those bloggers I follow through the app. 😉

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  3. YOU BLOG FROM YOUR PHONE? You are good at handling that slippery interface and not making typos and stuff. #computeralldeway

    But I have heard of Insta bloggers, who only use their phones.

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