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An honest rant about new Disney vs old Disney

Hello, world! How’s it going?

Today I would like to share my thoughts on the new Disney Channel shows compared to the old Disney Channel shows. Let’s get started!!

An honest rant about New Disney vs Old Disney

1. Liv and Maddie vs Andi Mack

Pshaw. You kidding me? Andi Mack is the clear winner. Sorry, Liv and Maddie fans.

2. Stuck In The Middle vs Austin and Ally

Ehhh. Sorry, but Stuck In The Middle WAY beats Austin and Ally. Austin sings too much. Such a weirdo…

3. Dog With A Blog vs Bizzaardvark

Old Disney wins this one! C’mon, it’s a dog that has a blog!! How could it get any better than that? Bizzaardvark is LAMEEE with a capital L.

4. Descendants: Wicked World vs Kim Possible

Kim Possible is da best! Descendants seems so evil and scary.

5. Raven’s Home vs Lizzy McGuire

To be honest, I don’t like either. I guess it’s a draw??

6. Star Wars: Rebels vs Phineas and Ferb

I know, I know. I love SW, don’t get me wrong, but Phineas and Ferb is definitely the winner.

• New Disney or Old Disney?

• What’s your favorite Disney show?

22 thoughts on “An honest rant about new Disney vs old Disney”

  1. WHAT???!!!! I LOVE BIZZARDVARK!!!!! I forgive you. XD I love Stuck In The Middle. I decided to stop watching Andi Mack because it did something that I don’t agree with in season two.

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  2. You just took me back to my second and third grade days, when Phineas and Ferb, Dog with a Blog, and Liv and Maddie (and Jessie) were total hits. And Star Wars Rebels was not too far back in my life actually…that came out around age 10.

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    1. Just between you, me, and all the peeps following this blog, Bizaardvark has *cough* Jake Paul *cough* in it….so….never watching that show

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