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Better Blogger 2# || Top 3 Graphic Design Tips

Hello, world!

Welcome back to our second week of our new series! If you missed last weeks post, you can click HERE to view it.

Anyway, let’s get started!!

Better Blogger 2# || Top 3 Graphic Design Tips

1. Choosing the right program

There are SO MANY graphic design apps/programs out there. They all seem to be great, but which is best? Here are some of my favorites:

• Canva

• PicMonkey

• BeFunky

• Pic-Collage

2. Steer-clear of copyrights

You can’t use images from Google, Bing, or Yahoo. They’re usually attached to something called a copyright. Using a copyrighted image is a BIG no-no. Here are a few places you can find some free-to-use images:

• Canva

• Unsplash

• Pinterest (check for copyright)

3. Fun Fonts

When you create your blog header, you want an eye-catching font. Sure, Canva and PicMonkey have some cool fonts, but maybe you want a little something different. You can find unique fonts for sale or for free all over the web. Here are some great ones:

• Angie Makes

• Etsy

• Pinterest

Are you enjoying Better Blogger?

• What’s your favorite graphic design program?

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