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What It Takes To Be A Fashion Blogger

Hello, world! How’s your Sunday? 💕

Today I would like to share what it takes to be a fashion blogger. Let’s get started!

What It Takes To Be A Fashion Blogger

1. Dress to impress

Well, duh… if you’re going to be a fashion blogger you have to dress like one.

2. Lots of planning

Over my short 5 months of blogging, I’ve learned that this is key to a lot of things.

3. Spot the trend

To be a successful fashion blogger, you must know what’s in style. Look to Pinterest or Insta for some help on that matter.

4. Basic sewing skills

Oh yeah! Time to let out your inner seamstress!

5. Experimentation

Ever heard of trial-and-error? Yeah, experimentation is a key element in the fashion blogosphere.

• What’s your favorite fashion blog?

• Pinterest or Instagram?

13 thoughts on “What It Takes To Be A Fashion Blogger”

  1. I can’t choose between Pinterest and Instagram. I don’t use Pinterest, but I sometimes scroll around on my Mom’s Insta account. It’s pretty cool to be able to share pics and quotes and snapshots with the world outside. I’d definitely use Insta to grow my blogging platform once I get it.

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  2. This is all so true – fashion blogging sounds so glam and its actually such hard work, the sewing, research, constantly looking for the next trend. You have to be pretty switched on! Great post and lovely blog – I like it 🙂

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