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Simple beauty || 3 ways to feel beautiful without wearing makeup

Hello, world!

I’ve wanted to write a makeup related post since I began this blog, but I never knew what to write about because I don’t even wear it.

Alas, my problem has been solved!

And without further ado, I present to you…

Simple beauty || 3 ways to feel beautiful without wearing makeup

1. Paint your nails

Surprisingly, you can feel a ton more confident when you splash on some color. Try a pastel blue or blush pink!

2. Colored lip-balm

I don’t consider lip-balm makeup, I just look at it as a way to cure my chapped lips. Try Burt’s Bees tinted lip-balm.

3. Simple jewelry

Not feeling sparkly? Try a simple silver bracelet or a pair of faux-pearl earrings.

Please remember: while these are some great tips, true beauty is what’s on the inside. ❤️

• Do you wear makeup?

• Did any of these tips help you?

25 thoughts on “Simple beauty || 3 ways to feel beautiful without wearing makeup”

  1. I love jewelry when I wear it, and it really does add a lot to a look. I do wear makeup because I love it. I love my bare face, too, I just think it’s fun to do makeup every morning. And it’s extremely therapeutic for me, lol. Awesome post Bekah!

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  2. Hi Bekah! I love your approach to this topic!
    I did not wear any makeup until my highschool graduation last Spring. So yeah, I totally understand where you are coming from! When I say I wear makeup, I really just stick to the basics. I love more of the natural look (in fact, I do not even wear foundation!). I enjoy wearing makeup, but there is a fine line between simply enjoying and obsessing. And so, that is one of the biggest reasons I personally force myself not to go any further than the basics. 😉
    Simple jewelry is definitely an excellent way to feel pretty! I feel another great way to feel pretty is to try different hair styles as well! Or getting a new haircut. ❤
    Thanks for sharing… really great tips!


    1. Hi there! I’m very sorry for the late reply.
      Oh yes, I believe if you’re going to wear makeup, you should just stick to the basics. Definitely! Ooh ya… a haircut does make you feel a lot better about yourself! Awe, no problem at all! So glad you enjoyed!


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  3. I love this post! I am not aloud to wear makeup yet, but I use all of these! They really do make me look good. You are right. It matters what’s on the inside, not the outside. ❤

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  4. I need to get my nails done XD

    I want to wear makeup so BAD. My parents said not till I’m 14, and even then on special occasions. Just this afternoon I got a turquoise ring and a brass bracelet that says “fearless,” for completing Passport to Purity with my parents. So simple jewelry, CHECK! Now to find some nail polish….

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    1. Awe, thank you! I’m so happy that you enjoyed it! Oh yes, it really is! XD Ooh, good question… I have a pastel lavender nail color by Sally Hansen Nail Care. What about you? 💕

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  5. Great ideas! 😄 One other thing I like to do is do my hair in my favorite style, (mine is a braid). The only make up I wear is a tiny bit of foundation, anything else always makes me feel like my face can’t breathe. (Hopefully that makes sense.😆)

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