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6 reasons why I fangirl over Star Wars

Hello, world!!

I am an absolute nerd.

And that’s ok! Because seriously, we all are.

Last year I really started getting into Star Wars. And I have to say, before then, I had no interest in it whatsoever.

I have no idea when it happened, but one day I woke up with a love for it.

I think it was Rey.

She is by-far my most favorite character. We have a lot in common:

• Name starts with “R”

• Brown hair

• Brown eyes

• Freckles

• Super awesome warrior skillz

Okay, okay. That last one might not be true…

Anyway, you get the point…

If you want, you can call me Rey-bekah! Get it? *ba-dum-tiss*

Enough ranting! Let’s get on with this…

6 reasons why I fangirl over Star Wars

1. It’s like a big nerdy family

2. Everyone has a character that he/she can relate to

3. The special effects have always been ahead of their time

4. One word: PORGS

5. The cities are super amazing and scenic!(I would totally be tempted to do a little gambling on Canto Bight)

6. Lastly, you can carry around a freaking LASER SWORD!

• Do you like Star Wars?

• What do you fangirl about?

33 thoughts on “6 reasons why I fangirl over Star Wars”

  1. I love Star Wars so much! AHHH IT IS SO GOOD!!!!!! Hello, Rey-Bekah! XD Rey is my MOST FAVORITE character in Star Wars! Yay, we both love Rey! *Hugs*

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