Let’s talk about blogger bullies + what-to-do if you encounter one

Hello, world!

There’s always that one blogger.

They comment on your posts, constantly criticizing you.

Sometimes, oblivious the fact that they’re hurting you.

That’s what I want to talk about today.

Let’s talk about blogger bullies

Please note: these situations are totally made up. They are just common situations in the blogging world.

Put yourself in this situation:

You’ve been working so hard on this special post. You’ve reviewed it several times, just in case you misspelled something or it isn’t punctuated correctly. You publish it. But, oh no! Someone can still find something wrong with it.

Put yourself in this situation:

You’ve been waiting on your favorite blogger to finally publish this long-awaited post. You check your feed, and it’s there. You begin reading. You think to yourself: “This thing sucks! This blogger can’t spell a single thing! Time to leave a comment…”

Or you could be thinking: “Oh, poor thing! She couldn’t punctuate a single thing. I’d better tell her just in case she missed it…”

Can you tell the difference?

The second blogger who wanted to leave a comment, was good natured. The first one, however, was not.

There’s an old saying that goes: “Check yourself before you wreck yourself”. That is so true.

Check yourself. Is what you’re about going to possibly hurt someone? If you don’t really think about it, you’re going to wreck yourself. Meaning, you could hurt or embarrass someone.

What to do if you encounter a blogger bully

First thing’s first. You can’t be afraid to stand up for yourself.If someone is criticizing you and/or your work, that’s not cool. You must stand up for yourself.

What to do if they continue

You’ve told them several times to stop. They just won’t listen. Now it’s time to get an adult involved.Tell a parent/guardian/teacher. It’s not a good idea to ask advice from someone your age. You might think they’re wise, but trust me, they know just as much as you. You might think getting an adult involved will cause trouble, but it is the right thing to do.

How to contact the bully

I know what you’re thinking. Why would you want to contact the bully? Here’s why:

You don’t want to have an epic comment war. That conversation would be public.

Who doesn’t hate drama? If someone else saw all those nasty comments, what would they think? They probably wouldn’t want to follow your blog if there’s going to be drama. Here’s some ways to get in touch with that blogger bully:

• If they have a social media account (Pinterest, Instagram, etc) you can direct message them. Be sure to ask permission from your parent/guardian before doing so.

• Whenever someone comments on your blog, their email is attached to that comment. You can get their email when you edit their comment.

If they continue to bully you after you’ve contacted them, it is once again time to get an adult involved.Have a trusted adult contact them. This is especially what you should do if they threaten you.

Extra tips:

After the conflict has stopped, don’t be afraid to leave that bully behind.

• I can’t stress this to you enough: tell an adult. They can and will help you.

• Pray for your enemy. As much pain as they have caused you, God still loves them.

• Have you ever been bullied? How did you handle it?

13 thoughts on “Let’s talk about blogger bullies + what-to-do if you encounter one”

  1. These are GREAT tips!!! Yeah, I haven’t been bullied before, but I have had people who acted like that but said that they didn’t mean it that way. Well, this one girl did bully me a little… It wasn’t nice, let’s just say. Luckily, some of my blogging friends stood up for me. 😀 This is a really great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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