Another interview with my cat

Oh lord, here we go again…

Just in case you missed it, click HERE to read my first interview with my cat.

And click HERE to read a post where my cat interviewed ME.

“Is she mentally ill?”

– Your brain right now

No, I’m not. Just a blogger trying to please her followers… and her cat.

So, my past cat posts were EXTREMELY popular according to my stats. And now we’re going to kick the new year off right with a good old fashioned cat interview!

Let’s get started!

My cat, Cheddar…

Bekah in bold

Cheddar in italics


*more applause*

*distant cheering*

“Cheddar is in the HOUSEEEE!!”

Yes, adoring fans. I am back.

Ok, Cheddar. Let’s get on with this interview!So Cheddar, how about you share with us your New Years resolutions?

Sure. My resolutions are:

• Move out of the master bathroom, and into the garage

• Start a talk show

• Discover world peace

• Takeover this blog more often

Woah! Great resolutions! Talk show? Seriously, Cheddar?

Yes. I’m serious. Let’s move on.

Alright. What was your favorite song of 2017?

That’s easy. The “Puppy Dog Pals” theme song.

Ha! That’s ironic.


Oh, nothing.What’s your favorite TV show of all time?

“Bubble Guppies”.

You’re joking.

I don’t see the “joke”.

Never mind. Well, Cheddar, I think this wraps up our interview. Anything else you’d like to say?


Cheddar, please don’t bring politics into this.

I hope you all enjoyed this post!

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18 thoughts on “Another interview with my cat”

    1. She sure is!
      Hmm… well, Hope, I think all of you are my best friends…


      my stuffed monkey animal, William, is my best friend.

      Thanks, Hope!

      -Cheddar (the famous cat)

      Liked by 3 people

    1. Hi Tina.
      Yes. I am a gassy cat. I believe whatever you humans are feeding me is causing the gassiness. Thank you for your question.



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