Giveaway details!

You dang heard it!

Hello, world! 2018 is off to a FABULOUS start!

We have almost 100 followers! Isn’t that just cray cray?!

We have 87, to be exact.

I say ‘we’ because I feel like you guys are an INCREDIBLY huge part of this blog. Without you, there would be no Questionable Tortoise Couture.

With that being said, let the giveaway begin!


Ways to enter:

The first and easiest way to get your name in the drawing is to share this post. Please comment on this post if you decide to do this. Doing this will get your name put in the drawing once.

If you want your name put in the drawing 2+ times, simply have a friend to follow this blog. If they follow, please comment on this post to let me know. For every friend that follows, your name will go in the drawing.

Make sense?

I know what you’re thinking: “what will I have the chance to win?”

Funny you should ask…

YOU. Yes, you… have the chance to win a Hand Monogrammed t-shirt made by yours truly!

Yes, I still hand stitch all my creations. Sewing machines scare me…

What happens if you win:

I will email you with shirt sizing, shirt colors, thread colors, and pocket prints, and you will let me know what you want your shirt to look like.

Things to remember:

• Be honest

• You must be following this blog to enter

• You must be comfortable with emailing me

• You must be comfortable giving me your address

• Giveaway ends on February 1st and the winner will be announced the same day

• Giveaway is only open to those in the U.S.

Got any questions, comments, or concerns? Let me know in the comments!

49 thoughts on “Giveaway details!”

  1. WOW, that’s awesome! Sadly, I am unable by my parents rules to give out my address or receive something from somebody I don’t know in person, but I’d still love to participate! Chances of winning are pretty slim anyway. If you draw me, just redraw, please. Thanks!

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    1. Um, I almost forgot to say, I will be posting on this. Is mentioning this post in one of my other posts okay, because I can’t quite share the whole post that’s a lot of…space, ya know what I mean? I will link back to the original post and explain what I know in detail.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I can’t enter because I can’t give out my address :(. But I’ll definitely reblog it!!! I also think this giveaway is awesome, great idea! Happy 2018, Bekah!


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