2018 resolutions

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It’s a new year! And that means…


Which we will probably, most likely, definitely not keep. Am I right?

Not this year, though!!

Here are a few of my 2018 resolutions:

• Be done with middle school (here I come, high school!)

• Get my pointe shoes (finally!)

• Learn to ride my bike (long story)

• Get 100 + followers

• Make more YouTube videos

• Spend more time reading my Bible

• Become more confident with mathematics (curse you, math)


What are your resolutions?

• Have you entered the giveaway?

10 thoughts on “2018 resolutions”

  1. I like math…..more like “cure you Geometry.” I can’t wait to just end that class. My teacher is great, but I hate the subject with a passion.

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  2. I actually can’t ride my bike either… it’s a long story. Oh yeah I sort of dislike math, sometimes it’s boring and just super hard! I’m also hoping to actually keep my resolutions too XD

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