{What to expect on January 1st + things to come in 2018}

Hello, world!

As most of you probably already knew, QTC is getting a brand new blog design on January 1st.

This is REALLY exciting!

I’m really proud because I designed it all by myself! It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Here are a few things to come in 2018:

• Schedules

• Big words

• Giveaways

• Continuing What If Wednesday and Fashion Focus Friday

• Book and movie reviews

• Cosplays

• D.I.Y’s and how-to’s

• Life hacks

• Photography dumps

• Tags, Q&A’s, and collabs

• Ballet related posts

• Star Wars related posts

• Cheddar The Cat posts

It’s going to be an awesome year!

Some blog design sneak-peaks:

Wait… there’s even MORE!

• Giveaway will give you the chance to win something HAND made by me!

• I’m working on buying my domain

• I’m working on getting a copyright!

What to expect on January 1st:

My blog design will go up sometime around 12:00 pm eastern standard time.

On January 1st I will make a special post containing details about the giveaway. That day will be the start of the giveaway, and the winner will be announced February 1st.

Are you excited?

23 thoughts on “{What to expect on January 1st + things to come in 2018}”

  1. Ahhhhh! Giveaway––yes! Copyright––yes! Domain name––double yes! (I have the money I just need to fricking buy a domain name already XD)

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