Hello, world! Are you ready for Christmas? I am!

At least I think I am…

Alrighty, let’s get on with this!


The submission winner is: Starling7!


Here’s Starling’s


Create a new planet

If I could create a new planet, here’s what it would be like:

It would be yellow, have a chocolate volcano, a blue Gatorade fountain, and a field of curly fries…

• What’s your answer?

• Have a submission? Comment it below!

• What is the best Christmas present you’ve ever received?

Stay tuned for Fashion Focus Friday.

13 thoughts on “*delayed* WHAT IF WEDNESDAY”

  1. So I’ve actually created a whole galaxy in the books I write, but the planet I tend to write on the most is Yangela. It’s similar to Earth (they speak our languages and it’s inhabited by humans) but magic is a part of daily life and it also has elves (similar to Tolkien), fairies, mermaids, etc.


  2. Oh I won! I was so shocked! Anyway, here’s my new planet:
    A mountain of books, another mountain of beds, pillows, and comfy stuff, trees, a mountain of never ending FOOD and… one more mountain for gadgets.

    Nice profile picture, by the way!

    Liked by 1 person

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