An interview with: my human?!

Guys, my human wants to be interviewed…

Salutations. It is I, Cheddar, The Famous Cat.

This is quite similar to a post where my human interviewed me. And now I have decided to return the favor…

An interview with: my human?!

Cheddar in BOLD

Bekah in italics

Er, Bekah… why am I in a suit? I’d prefer a dress..

Ugh. Cheddar, seriously? Do you really have to be so picky?

Yes, seriously. Let’s move on.What is your favorite human food?

That’s easy. Pizza.

You’re a walking stereotype, y’know that?


Oh, nothing…

What’s your favorite thing about being a human?


What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue? #cathumor

You’re not the nicest cat sometimes.


That’s my catchphrase!

Whatever. Well, that wraps up our interview!

B-but, I didn’t get to say every-


Whelp. I hope you enjoyed this post!Signing off- <<

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