Cheddar’s point of view: Holiday traditions


It is I, Cheddar, the famous cat.

Today I will be sharing with you my views on human holiday traditions.

Let’s start with Christmas, shall we?

My view on Christmas traditions:

I’m still not quite sure what the meaning of Christmas is. They’ve tried to explain it to me, but the tree part just doesn’t make sense.

You kill the tree, display it in your home, and decorate it’s corpse.

My view on Hanukkah traditions:

I really like the idea of getting presents more than one time.

I also love that cute little spinning top called a dreidel. So fun!

My view on Thanksgiving traditions:

All you can eat, you say? Yes please!

The one downside: I always get the scraps.

And also, Thanksgiving doesn’t reign for too long. You put up your Christmas tree the SAME DAY.


Well, that’s all for today. See you tomorrow for What If Wednesday!

Signing off-

12 thoughts on “Cheddar’s point of view: Holiday traditions”

  1. Cheddar, I love your outlook on the Christmas tree ordeal. Now that I think about it, I reall am just decorating a tree’s corpse. Haha, I love these types of posts, very creative. 😀

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