13 things I’ve learned while being thirteen

Hello world!

You may not have known, but I am less than a week away from turning fourteen.

With that being said, I am going to share 13 things I’ve learned while being thirteen.

Let us begin…

13 things I’ve learned while being thirteen

1. Just because you are considered a teenager, doesn’t mean you know everything

2. Those “new changes” aren’t a race

3. Don’t be in a clique

4. Don’t worry about the mean girls. They ain’t got nothing on you.

5. Minimal makeup = extravagant beauty

6. Don’t jump on the social media bandwagon

7. You are WAY more than a pretty face

8. The number on the scale is just a number

9. Confidence makes you stand out from the crowd

10. Your parents understand you more than you know

11. Don’t be afraid to leave behind unhealthy friendships

12. Don’t judge someone before you get to know them

13. Pray hard, and trust God

Hey there!

Have you been thirteen? What were your most memorable things about that age?

24 thoughts on “13 things I’ve learned while being thirteen”

  1. Yes, I was thirteen six years ago! I’m so glad to see how much you know by 14! That’s awesome! Some people don’t know this stuff until they are in their twenties! Congrats on turning 14! Hope your teen years are wonderful and fruitful!

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  2. All of these are so, so, true! 🙂 I loved being 13 it was an amazing year but all of my years have been pretty great so! 😛 Happy Early Birthday!
    -Rose ❤

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  3. Hey happy early birthday! Yeah, some of the hard parts of being 13 (and I’ve only been for a month and a half so don’t really trust me XD) is watching your friends get all “those changes” before you and then there’s you, still looking like a 10year old.

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