Bucket List tips-and-tricks

Hello world!

Not too long ago, Gracie and I did a Bucket List Post.

I had SO much fun, so I decided to list a few bucket list tips-and-tricks.

Bucket list tips-and-tricks:

Tip 1. Choosing a notebook, etc

The notebook (or whatever you prefer) is key to capturing your bucket list. Here are some lovely bucket list notebooks:HereAnd here

Tip 2. Realize that some things don’t go according to plan Although bucket lists are great, they can be quite pointless. When planning your bucket list, be open to God’s plan for your life.

Tip 3. Be organizedOrganization is key!

Tip 4. Remember to tick off the things you’ve done

This is SO important. If you don’t mark what you’ve done, it’s going to be hard to plan new things

Tip 5. Start small, dream big

When starting a bucket list, you can’t just write out a zillion things and expect to complete them super quick.

Start small, dream big

• Do you have a bucket list?

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