5 most common things people assume about ballet dancers

Hello world!

Ever wondered if some of those ballet myths are true? Well, I’m here to tell you the truth:


1. We eat nothing This just plain isn’t true…No doubt eating disorders are rampant in the professional ballet world. But taking ballet classes won’t make you “catch” an eating disorder.

2. Dudes can’t be professional dancersYeah..no…Lots of my favorite ballet dancers are guys. Dudes who do ballet are not weak or deprived of their “manliness”.

3. Flexibility isn’t “effortless”This is so stupid.

I hate it when people are like: “Ohh, you’re SO flexible! So effortlessly flexible!

4. African Americans can’t be professionalsThat’s so wrong.

People like Misty Copeland and Michaela DePrince are fine examples of this no-longer stereotype.

5. The “weigh in” in ballet class

That is just downright silly!

Sure, it’s good to be mindful of your weight. But overdoing it can cause lots of damage.

• Have you heard any of these myths?

• Did you enjoy this post?

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