Hello world!!Yay! Thanksgiving is TOMORROW!!

I have had the immense pleasure of doing another Q+A with the exquisite Gracie!!

This time, it is a BUCKET LIST Q+A!! WHOOHOO!!Er, let’s do this…

My commentary is in bold

Gracie’s is in italic >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


What is the one place you must travel to before you die?

Italy!Ooh! Italy is wonderful!

What makes you want to travel to that place?

My dad’s dad came to America from Italy

Snazzy! Or should I say MAMA MIA! Too much? Ok…Is there anything you have crossed off your bucket list?

Don’t think so. I have a “bucket list”, but I never try to do stuff on it. 😀 Though, I want to! Hehe!

What monument would you love to visit?

Either Mount Rushmore and/or The Statue Of Liberty.What is the craziest thing on your bucket list?

I am not sure. Haha, maybe “be fluent in another language.Hey! It is possible!

If it came down to the moment, would you really do that crazy thing?

If a practiced the language a lot, yes!!

And now… my answers to Gracie’s questions!

Gracie in bold

Bekah in italics

What do you most want to do on your bucket list?

Visit the Eiffel Tower!!What is the silliest thing on your bucket list?

To stand on a street corner wearing a shirt that says “life” and hand out lemons:D Have you done anything on your bucket list?

Yep! A few things…

How long have you had a bucket list?

A LONG time

Wanna share some of the things on your bucket list?


1. Visit Germany, 2. Sew a quilt, 3. Take my mom on a dream vacationWhat do you and your bucket list have in common?

Interesting question. Probably that my bucket list and I are very adventurous, yet cautious

That was SO FUN!! Thank you so much, Gracie!! I always enjoy my time spent with you!

If you haven’t checked out Gracie’s blog, you have no life!! Go do it! You won’t regret it!!What do you think?•

•Can you relate to any of our answers?

•Do you have a bucket list?

Hey you! Yeah, you…

Stay tuned for more bucket list posts! Gracie and I have a birthday sized collab post coming up!

8 thoughts on “BUCKET LIST Q+A WITH GRACIE!!”

  1. Haha this was such a fun Q&A to read! The questions you two asked each other were awesome 🙂 I’d love to be fluent in another language too, Gracie!! And Beckah, it would be so epic to see the Eiffel Tower!

    Liked by 1 person

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