TIPS for your first ballet class

Hello World!

Okay, so you’ve probably figured out by now that I’m a ballet freak.😳

And with that, I bring you….


Let us begin….

So, you want to start ballet? Here are some tips on how to be the best you can:

step 1. Get comfortable in your own skin

Some people find it hard to constantly stare at yourself in a mirror. I am one of those people.

Some people also find it uncomfortable to wear a leotard and tights. I was one of those people until recently.

Here’s some solutions:

ractice staring at yourself in the mirror

I don’t mean stand in front and pick out all your imperfections. Just look at yourself. All positive thoughts

Wear a princess seam leotard

I absolutely LOVE princess seam leotards. They look very flattering on my body type.

Buy the look

Buy here:

Step 2. Practice, practice, practice

It’s true, practice makes perfect…

step 3. Get yourself familiar with the terms and positions

Go on YouTube and get yourself familiar with the 5 positions. That way, you’ll have kind of a head start.

Here’s a good video.

step 4. Wear body tights

Who wants those nasty lines that waist tights have?! Not me!

Buy the look:

Buy here:

Step 5. Don’t rush

DO NOT RUSH!! I cannot stress this to you enough.

• Do you dance ballet?

• Which do you prefer: waist or body tights?

14 thoughts on “TIPS for your first ballet class”

  1. I’ve never done ballet, I’ve done tap and jazz but that was like 5 years ago. But two of my best friends do ballet and they teach me. 😉
    -Rose ❤

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      1. Oh yah! 🙂 They go to a fine arts academy, one day a week, and then we all get together on Thursdays for scouts and we sometimes get distracted with dance parties. 😛
        -Rose ❤

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