A dancers wishlist: What to buy your ballerina buddy for Christmas

Hello world!

Struggling to find that perfect gift for your ballet obsessed companion? Well, look no further!

Buying gifts for ballerinas isn’t as hard as you might think. In fact, it’s really easy! Here is your personal guide on how to shop for your fellow danseuse! (That’s fancy talk for “female dancer”)

1. Warm up booties

These super cute insulated booties can be worn in the studio and on the street! Very durable, and an affordable price! Buy them here!

2. Ballet shoe keychain

These are wonderful! Perfect for keys and dance bags! Buy one here!

3. Foot stretcherI don’t know of ANY dancer who wouldn’t kill to have one of these. Fulfill their dreams here!!

4. Ballet plaque

Too cute! Perfect gift for any baby ballerina! Buy it here!

5. Turn socksWhat a FABULOUS invention! Buy here!

• Will you be buying any of these?

• Do you dance ballet?

• Do you have a friend who would love one of these items?

* all items listed are found at Discount Dance Supply*

21 thoughts on “A dancers wishlist: What to buy your ballerina buddy for Christmas”

      1. You’re welcome! Great! Cool. 😀
        Unfortunately, I am not in ballet. 😦 It sounds really fun though! 🙂 (Wow, I am using too many emojis! <3) Have a great day!

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      2. Hi Kaylyn! Sorry to be getting back with you so late. That’s ok! Ballet isn’t meant for everyone.😉 Hehe! No, this is a lot of emojis: 👋😜👋😕😝😉🌸😘😉😝😕😉😘😉😝😝😘😉😝😝😝😉😉😕❤️😂😂😝😝🤗😝☹️😉😣😕😝😉😣🌸🌸😉😉😘😉😝😉😘😘😉😉😉😘😉😝😉😕🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠


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