Hello world!

For some reason, I thought today was Thursday. I think it was because I had a dream that it was Wednesday. Such craziness……..

Today is another WIW!

And your questionable question is…..

If you could have ANY other name (middle and last included) what would it be?

Pssst! Make it silly 😉

My name would be Jean Bob Doodle

Yes, I am aware of its silliness. Who wouldn’t want to be like Jean.?

The wonderful, Rose, had a FABULOUS idea!!

She thinks that it would be cool if people submitted WIW for the next week!

And that’s what we’re going to do:

Comment down below with not only your answer for this week, but your submission for next week! (Submission topic will be chosen randomly)

Go get commenting! And a special thanks to Rose, for such a wonderful idea!!

33 thoughts on “WHAT IF WEDNESDAY: week 3”

  1. Thanks for using my idea! 🙂 My name would be Lanie Ann McBoggle.. 😛 My question for next week would be: If you could have any animal in the world as your pet what would it be? (it can be real or mythical)
    -Rose ❤

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  2. Ummm…………..
    Ella Grace Anderson?? (Grace is actually my real middle name, but I like the middle name Grace so much that I had to include that in my made up full name!)
    My silly name:
    Pat Pickled Picks
    OK, that is a really weird name. Anyway, really great post! I hope you like my names I came up with!

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  3. I would be Pineapple Punster Potato. Yum yum… combination of the three of my fav things in the world: pineapples, puns, and potatoes. For my topic submission: What if you were told that everyone on this Earth was an alien and you were the only human alive?

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