Happy Halloween + November updates

Goodbye, October! You will be missed.😢

Hello world! Welcome back to my blog!

November is almost upon us. And you know what that means……Fun fact about me: I don’t like turkey.😬

But, who cares?! It’s my taste buds, not yours.

Anyway, moving on…..


Let’s chat!

• Do you like Halloween?

• What are you dressing up as?

• What are some of your Halloween traditions?


Here are some of the latest QTC happenings:

1. What if Wednesday Tune in every Wednesday to see our weekly post!

2. Fashion Focus Friday Stop by every Friday to see what fashion item we’re obsessed with!

3. The Fall Tag!This is coming soon! Stay tuned!

3. Top 10This will be up later this week.🤗

4. Disney posts

Don’t forget! My Disney trip posts aren’t finished!

• Which upcoming post are you most excited about?

• Are you enjoying WIW?

• Are you enjoying FFF?

Anyhoo, I just wanted to get you all caught up!!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

18 thoughts on “Happy Halloween + November updates”

    1. Thanks, pal!! Oh, that’s alright. I absolutely HATE the scary and ghoulish stuff. Yuck! Oh yeah! I can’t wait!😍


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