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A trip to the library/// Questionable book covers

Hello world!

Today, we went to the library.

It can sometimes be a rarity that we go. Because, 1. It’s a little out of our way, 2. We are busy just like everyone else, and 3. I already have WAY too many books at home.

Haha! Anyway, moving on……

I am trying to get back on the Harry Potter train. I read the first book, and I really liked it. There have been many things that have stopped me from reading it. But, today I pull through!

Below are some very questionable book covers that I found at the library:

1. Bad Girls by Cynthia Voigt Ooh, Margala and Mikey. Soooo intimidating!

2. Horses of the Dawn: Star rise by Kathryn Lasky IT’S THE HORSE LOVE TRIANGLE!

I can’t stand these books….๐Ÿ˜’

3. Nancy Drew: The crooked Banister by Carolyn Keene Don’t get me wrong. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!!!! But, some of these book covers are just scary.

4. Fast Forward To Normal by Jane Dogel

Like, what’s up with the kid in the back?! I don’t know…..

5. Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys super mystery <<<<<<<<<<<<<
better if it didn't have that weird stalker panda. *shivers*. <<<<<<<

Is it just me, or does this kid look like some kind of young Kylo Ren fanart?

Cover< em>Kylo Ren


โ€ข Have you ever read any of these books?

โ€ขDo you sometimes find yourself laughing at book covers?

โ€ขDoesn’t that look like Kylo Ren? Or is it just me?


I hope you enjoyed this post!*IMPORTANT* KYLO REN IMAGE VIA PINTEREST

19 thoughts on “A trip to the library/// Questionable book covers”

  1. B-but it’s horses! And pandas! My top two favorite animals! How could you! Also, that DOES look like Kylo Ren. YIKES! That ND cover is terrifying! Especially since I have robot phobia. ๐Ÿ˜›

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